This or That?

Yesterday’s celebrations for my favorite huMAN’s birthday & my 11th blogoversary were fabulous!  I was treated like a prince!

It’s amazing that Ann got this snapshot because I really had the squiggles.  (The Jack who lives next door was out and distracting me from my modelling work.)

11th Blogoversary

Can you tell how sunny it was?  Hope that it doesn’t melt all the snow and fill up Lake Oroville where the dam is.

After all the dinner and cake, Ann & I got back to stamping.  Problem is we’re head to head about how to finish off the card.  Perhaps you can make a comment below and let us know which version you like.

Do you like the glitter dragonfly?

Square Notecard

Or do you prefer the glitter dragonfly with black detail?

Square Notecard

Actually, we love them both, but we’d like your opinion.  And besides, we have a drawing each month for those of you who comment on my barks.

Card Making Tips

  • A 4-1/4″ square notecard can fit inside a regular card envelope (Stampin’ Up! medium envelopes) without having to pay additional postage.
  • Be sure to use the scoring blade on the Stampin’ Trimmer so that you’ll have a crisp fold.
  • A pair of Paper Snips is great to use to cut the Washi Tape on the edge of the card.

If you’d like to make either one of these cards, here’s a list of what we used.  If you’re shopping and your order is under $150, please use the latest shopping code so that we can include a small gift along with the reusable handmade card we send all our online shoppers.  You can pick up the latest code here.

Card Making Supplies

Shop with Stamper Dog

Send me a little bark today

What a great handmade card idea!

We read & appreciate your comments! They make great bedtime stories for Ann to read to me!


  1. I like the Black Detail but maybe cut out the body so the body is glittery.

  2. That’s quick and simple … and cute! I like the one with the black detail dragonfly better.

  3. Both are lovely cards, but I have to go with the black detailed one. The black detail enhances the silver glimmer paper underneath.

  4. Definitely prefer the black detail

  5. I like the glitter dragonfly. Simple is always better for me. Love it.

  6. They are both adorable but I think I like the dragonfly with black details just a touch more than the other one.

  7. Love the dragonfly w/the black details. Happy Belated Birthday to Cecil and Happy 11th on the blog.

  8. I too prefer the black details! Stamper, you look wonderful….and you too Ann! Happy Belated Birthday to Cecil!

  9. Definitely prefer the black detail.

  10. I like the black details on the dragonfly.

  11. I so like them both but I prefer the one with the black detail.

  12. I prefer the dragonfly with black details.

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