Who Wants a Taste of Blog Candy!?!

Everyone loves blog candy!  And today could be your day to get some!

My gal pal Doodles & I were trying to decide which card to send our August shoppers.  It was bark to bark combat.

Both cards are similar.  They use the same stamp sets.  One of them is from the Holiday Seasonal Catalog that you should be getting in the mail this week.

They’re just different.  And you could win this Tin of Cards stamp set just by telling us which one card you’d prefer to get in your mailbox!

We love this set because you can set up how to organize your cards as well as use the greetings

Blog Candy Prize

So all we want you to do is to leave a comment below & tell us whether you like the Orange card or the White card.  You can click on either card for a closer look.

Here’s what we’re calling the “Orange Card”.

Halloween card

And here is what we’re calling the “White Card”.

Halloween card

Of course, we won’t mind if you let us know how you like it.  And if you’d like to have one of these in your mailbox, you’ll need to be sure that you shopped with us this month.  (You can shop here.)  If your order is under $150, please use the hostess shopping code posted at the top right of this page.  We’ll include a small gift with the card we send all our online clients.  (If it’s over $150, cash in on Stampin’ Rewards – AKA Hostess benefits & we’ll still include the gift.)

We’ll be drawing on Facebook Live Saturday afternoon so be sure you’re following me on Facebook.

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So, which card do you like best?


We read & appreciate your comments! They make great bedtime stories for Ann to read to me!


  1. Well the orange one my kids liked the most,then they said the white one, so even they can’t make up their minds so hmmm wow hmmmm, so think I have to choose “white one”. Great job to you & Doodles!

  2. I like the orange card!

  3. The orange card has more pop…and I sure like POP

  4. It is really hard to choose my favorite, but the orange card is a “bark” nose ahead.

  5. I really like them both but if I HAD to choose I would take the white one. Everything stands out so brilliantly! Love these~

  6. I like the white border best. But they’re both awesome.

  7. I like the white card because I like the layers. Thanks for all the great card ideas!

  8. I like the orange card….it screams Halloween!

  9. I prefer the orange card.

  10. I like the white one best because I like layers and I like the contrast that makes the jar stand out.

  11. I love the white card, everything on this card stands out.

  12. I like the orange the best It seems more Halloweeny. Mind you the white is also nice but my eyes kept going to the orange so that is my pick.

  13. The Orange one is my favorite, but I like them both.

  14. Hiya Miss Ann and Stamper Dog!~ I like the white card the best! I usually layer my cards, so that is what I am used to seeing, I guess. No…wait…now I like the orange card more. Yikes, this is difficult! Both cards are fun, and I would love to open up an envelope to see either one inside! Ann, you rock! Love your creativity.

    • Go ahead! Make our day!

      • I love both cards but I like the orange one best. Although I like cards with layers, I like the simple design of this one. Sometimes simple is better.

  15. I like the Orange one. Without the white boarder, it just looks a little darker and Halloweenie.

  16. I like the orange card!

  17. I like the white one – probably because I’m a fan of layers. I think the jack-o-lantern pops a little more on that one.

  18. like the orange card. brighter

  19. I like the white one best

  20. I like them both but the white card seemed a little softer

  21. The orange card. I find the all orange card draws your attention to the jar.

  22. I like the orange card better.

  23. I like both cards, however, the white card seems to stick out more because of the frame.

  24. I like the white because it really finishes it off.

  25. Ann………..love the orange card! The white card looks washed out to me.
    love the idea.

  26. I like them both but prefer the white card…..the lighter top looks like the moon lighting up the sky…..can’t wait for the new holiday mini to appear!

  27. I like the white card. I think it makes the orange “pop” a little brighter. It also makes the white jar brighter.
    Love them both. It’s a great stamp!

  28. I like the Orange one!

  29. I like the white one best. It looks more finished.

  30. The orange card gets my vote! The wall to wall colour draws me into the scene.

  31. I like the border that the White card base and grey border create.

  32. Oh, the ORANGE one is great! They’re both really fun cards, but something about the solid background of the first seems more “Halloween-y”! 🙂

  33. Love the white card it makes the orange pop!

  34. I like the white card – the layers make it pop. Thank you for the chance to win blog candy!

  35. Both cards are fun but I like the “white” one because it isn’t as intense as the “orange” one. Thanks for a chance to win some “candy”.

  36. I think the white card has a little more “wow” to it because of the framing. Both are nice though!

  37. I like the orange card, both are cute. Thanks for a chance to win some candy.

  38. Orange because it definitely emphasizes the pumpkin in the jar. Love it!

  39. I like the white card best as I like layers, but I think rather than white I would have used some other fall color.

  40. I prefer the white card. The frame adds just enough accent.

  41. White card. I prefer layers

  42. Orange card gets my vote!

  43. Both are nice but I like the orange card more. I think the white in the mason jar is just the right amount of white on the card.

  44. Black framed background

  45. Both are nice, but I like the orange card.

  46. Hi Stamper, I like the White Card best; I think it’s because of what my dad, who was a painter and art teacher, always said, putting a frame on a picture, any picture, will always make it look better.

  47. Easy decision, liked the orange card as soon as I saw it!

  48. I like the both but I like the white one just a little more.

  49. I like the Orange card… I like brighter colors and the orange card was brighter and wall-to-wall with color…

  50. Orange but both are cute

  51. They are both very cute but if I have to choose I choose the white one! Thanks

  52. I like the sweet ‘white’card the best.

  53. I like both cards but the white one is more eye pleasing to me.

  54. I like the orange card. It did take me awhile to make my decision. At first I thought I liked the white card better. But, after thinking about it longer, I like the orange card!

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