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Free Stamps for a Perfect Score!

Do you remember when I barked about my annual Crystal Ball contest?  I even sent an email out to remind many of you who get Ann’s newsletters.

We knew that Ann would be picking up a copy of the new 2016-17 Stampin’ Up! Catalog so we had to start AND end the contest earlier than we would have liked.

In fact, we almost missed it!

PSST!  If you’re looking for the printable version of the 2016 Stampin’ Up! Retiring List, you can find it here.  It’s even got larger type to help you read.


So now, it’s time to announce the winners!  We had two.  One for our valued readers and clients and one for our valued 24/7 Stampers because we thought it more fair that way.

But our client, Diane P. from Pennsylvania got a PERFECT SCORE!  YOWZAH!

She picked a total of 13 stamp sets that she thought would retire and got them all right!  12 were regular guesses and one was the tie breaker – which we did not need.

She even beat our own 24/7 Stamper Linda from Dallas, Texas who won from our demonstrator community!

So, paws up for our winners who will EACH receive $25 in their choice of stamps and accessories!

By the way, if you’re  not enjoying a relationship with a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator, I would love to be your favorite stamping dog.  It’s the perfect time to join our mailing list here.  Then you can get reminders too!

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  1. I was having some connectivity problems this afternoon during the webinar. I had to check out your blog to make sure I heard right, that I guessed the retiring stamp list. Woot woot!
    I enjoyed the swaps during the webinar and wondered how the round card, I think it was a sunflower was made. Was the base an available card, or was it cut out that way? I liked the size of it.
    Thanks for sharing Ann. It was great!

    • We posted the video of the webinar. The flower you ask about is towards the end. Probably about 5 minutes before the end. You’ll see it. It sure was nice, wasn’t it?

  2. I can’t figure out what the asterisks (*, **) mean.
    Kiss a dog

    • I think that got deleted during our trying to make it bigger. The * in the first group mean that you can only get those with hostess shopping dollars because they’re hosting sets.

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