Non-Traditional Stamping Days

Here are a few non-traditional days to celebrate your friends this week with a handmade greeting card:

  • Monday is World Lion Day & Smores Day
  • Tuesday is Son & Daughter Day
  • Wednesday is Middle Child Day
  • Thursday is International Lefthanders Day
  • Saturday is World Honey Bee Day & International Homeless Animals Day (Adopt!)
  • Sunday is Rollercoaster Day & Airborne Day (another reason to celebrate our troops!)

And now for some BLOG CANDY!

What’s Blog Candy?

It’s not chocolate (but it could be!)

We’re giving away a stamp set and a $25 gift certificate!  All you need to do is to leave a comment below telling us the following:

  • Who did you send your last handmade card to (relationship, not name)
    ie: friend, mother, neighbor, sister-in-law, etc
  • What was the occasion?  (birthday, anniversary,

Everyone loves cupcakes!  So here is the Peace, Love & Cupcakes stamp set that we’re giving away along with a $25 gift certificate!

Blog Candy Prize

It’s a clear-mount brand new stamp set with 10 stamps.

This opportunity to win will be open until Tuesday night at midnight Pacific Time.  We’ll announce the winner on Wednesday.

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Send me a little bark todayWe love Blog Candy!


We read & appreciate your comments! They make great bedtime stories for Ann to read to me!


  1. I love blog candy! My last card was a sympathy card hand-delivered to a friend who lost her father. Before that I made a variety of cards as a bingo prize at a mature adult monthly meeting at a local church. I like Stamper. Angel, my Jack Russell, barks her hello to Stamper.

  2. My last cards went to my mother outside de USA to celebrate her 89th birthday and to my niece, she just had a baby boy!!!]
    Thanks for putting my name on the drawing!!!

  3. My last card was a sympathy. Seems I have been sending more of those lately. Sad.

  4. I dropped about 50 variety of cards off at a Senior Center. I had a collections of cards going back at least five years! Then I donated 75 Stamp-in Up stamps sets to Goodwill. Yea! Now I have room to collect more. Hint: found out you can use a CD holder for your stamp cases. Happy stamping!

  5. My last card was to my nephew for Christmas.

  6. The last handmade card I gave was for my dear mother-in-law’s 90th birthday in late June. I’m on hiatus from cardmaking due to cataract surgeries this summer! Can’t wait until they focus together again so I can get back to it…maybe with a new stamp set! ;o)

  7. My last card sent was for a dear girlfriend’s birthday, and she loved it. Not only did I do it but I helped her twin granddaughters make cards for their Meme.

    Right now I am woring on shower cards for my future Great Grandson due October 17! The thank you notes are already done whew.

  8. Just sent a beautiful birthday card to my 94 year old aunt. (if I do say so myself) She loves to get my homemade cards and always displays them on her mantel. Lucky to have such a great auntie!

  9. Blog candy, my kind of candy.

    My last card was made last week.

    It was a card for my Son’s Birthday. Men cards are hard to do. Stampin Up is finally coming out with more Men stamps. This card I used the Wetlands stamp set.

    It’s a toss up as to what I make the most of Birthday or cards to to let someone know I am thinking of them. Who doesn’t enjoy receiving an unexpected card in the mail?

  10. The last card that I sent out was to my son for his birthday. Now it is hanging on his refrigerator. If that doesn’t make a person feel special. To have a place on the refigerator lol

  11. My cards this week have been birthday cards for my youngest son whose birthday is tomorrow, my oldest whose birthday is the 16th and my grandson whose birthday is the 18th. Whew! Busy week.

  12. My last card was a thank you to my sons girlfriend for a favor she did for me. Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway.
    [email protected]

  13. The last cards a I sent were to my two closests friends it was their birthday week! the next 3 will also be birthday cards for the August birthdays in my life! Thanks for the opportunity to win this great stamp set!

  14. Blog candy is always fun!!!

  15. My most recent thank you note went to an older man and his mother in my neighborhood. I grew up with fried okra as a summer favorite. My yard in all shade and I cannot grow vegetables. You can’t find okra in our markets. In talking with my son many years ago this man learned of my love for okra. So every summer he plants okra in his garden and brings me many harvests. Now I can share fried okra with my family and friends. I always take him and his mom a plate of fried okra and a thank you card.

    • What a grrrrreat story, Marsha. (Ann loves okra too, but she can only go to Dickey’s BBQ every so often.)

  16. My last cards were thank you cards to my daughters (my birthday was the end of July). Unfortunately I need to make a sympathy card today so that will be the next one out and since I ran out of those, I might as well make several while I’m at it. Thanks for the opportunity to put my name in your drawing. Love to read the dog’s side of stamping. 🙂 Until she passed last fall, my lab was great company while I stamped, though as she aged she did not like the sound of the punches! 🙂

    • Just wait until you see Tuesday’s video!

  17. My last handmade card was for my daughter & son-in-law, on their anniversary.

  18. I made a gift card holder card as a just because for a friend. Your Sunday post with the list of days is the BEST!! Use that so many times to send out random cards. Thank you!

  19. I sent get well card to a friend who just had surgery…..

  20. The last handmade card I sent was a retirement card for our school’s office manager, a friend of mine.

  21. My last card was for a friend who lost two of her beloved dogs within one month. So sad

  22. My last card was to an elderly couple we used to have dinner with every Friday evening. I have been in post surgery rehab since July 4th and I get a card from them every week saying how much they love and miss me.

  23. My last handmade card was to a friends daughter for her graduation.

  24. I sent a hello, thinking of you card to a dear friend who just moved to another state.

  25. My last card I sent was to my sister-in-law to help her celebrate her birthday.

  26. My last card was a sympathy card for my husband’s niece.

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