To Bow or Not

Have you ever had a time when you weren’t sure whether to add that one last thing to your card?  Did you like the project both ways and just didn’t know what to do?

Well, in this house, the sides have squared off.  Ann’s open.  I think one way.  My favorite huMAN (who likes EVERYTHING) likes it the other way.

The card must go out, so which do you say?  Do we send it with a bow or without a bow?  Just leave a comment by clicking here.

First, we’ll have the naked version.

Thank You Card Idea

And now the version with the bow.

Thank You Card Idea

Here’s what we used to make this quick and easy card.   It was inspired by Ann cutting all that new Designer Series Paper for our Sweet Treat packages that got sent out this week.  I think that everyone should be getting their packages today with samples of paper, ribbon and accessories from the Stampin’ Up! Holiday Seasonal Catalog.  Ann will be sending out the file to make your exclusive DSP holders later today.

Click on any picture for more info or to add it to your stash.

We would love to help you stock your paper crafting supplies.  Use the code PMEWEGKT when you shop here & we’ll include a small gift with the handmade card we send to thank you for shopping with us.

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Like this card?  Please leave your comments here.  Ann reads them top me daily.

We read & appreciate your comments! They make great bedtime stories for Ann to read to me!


  1. No bow. The bow doesn’t add anything.

  2. With the bow! Cute card.

  3. I really like the naked version, but I’m not one who usually adds too many extras. The ribbon across the top is perfect. I’ll probably go make one now!

  4. No bow

  5. Definitely no bow. Too busy looking with the bow

  6. Without the bow on this one for sure. The focal points are the houses and I feel the bow detracts from them. But great card.

  7. Without! I don’t think the bow enhances the card at all.

  8. Without! It looks too frilly for the rest of the card with the bow.

  9. Definitely no bow – it looks just right without 🙂

  10. I think WITHOUT! The focal image is so linear that I don’t think a bow would enhance it at all…it would distract from the main image.

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