Getting Ready for Christmas BLOG CANDY!

… can be as easy as A, B, C!

Have you started on your Christmas cards?  We've done some, but that's another story.  We want to know how many YOU'RE planning on sending out!  And how many of those are going to be handmade by you?  Just leave us a comment with the numbers & we're going to have some nice BLOG CANDY for you. 

  Come Back fro More Ideas!
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Come back tomorrow for a cell phone story you won't believe!  But make sure that you leave us your Christmas Card number so you can win!  We'll announce later this week after we announce the Stampin' Pup Club winner for October.

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We read & appreciate your comments! They make great bedtime stories for Ann to read to me!


  1. I’ll be sending about 50 handmade cards,
    that’s the only way to send Christmas cards
    they need to be handmade with love

  2. I usually just send out pictures of the kids but I am trying to send them in cards this year. I started in September and try to make at least 5 a month. So I’ll probably have at least 25-30 to send.


  3. Hi Stamper, I will be sending out about 25 and they will be all hand made. Jesse my Cocker Spanial sent a comment to you saying she loved you but hasn’t heard a woof back, she won’t even eat her favourite liver treats. Doggone Stamper send a little love. lol
    Rene from OZ xo

  4. I try to send all the family handmade cards.. and close friends. I make a couple to have on hand for just that special reason!

  5. This year will be sending about 25 to family and friends (all different), 10 to people I work with and 6 to my special stampin buddies.

  6. Stamper, We are way behind on our Christmas Cards this year. We usually have them finished by now. But I am having trouble with the design. Mom says I have to come up with something by Sunday or SHE will. YIKES! I can’t let that happen. We will make 40 cards for the family & them some for Dad for his business buddies.
    Barks from your Doodles

  7. Oh, I’d say 15 that will all be hand made.

  8. I usually cover everyone in my office – so about 25. Then I do a new year’s letter to my family. Thanks.

  9. I am planning to send out about 25 cards. I have 4 done so far. Love the cute doggie. Hello from my Pommie “Jewel”.

  10. I will only send a few (10 or so), and they will all be handmade.

  11. Hi, what a delightful blog you have,love reading and seeing all your creative ideas.

    I usually send between 45-50 cards. I make all of them myself!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. I really wish I lived closer to Yuba City….

    Diane Novato, CA

  12. I send around 100–all out of state or out of town.

  13. I will make a lot of cards and only send out probably 20 or so. I enjoy the process of making them though 😉

    Wendy Carr

  14. I will make all my cards and usually send out about 40-50, some local, some within Canada, US and others to the UK and Africa!
    I have started …………. however I always see other interesting ideas and make more than I intended to.

  15. Our family sends out at least 60 plus cards each year. Last year they all went out different, but the time was huge, going to try to cut it down to one or two styles this year.

  16. I send at least 50 cards…about 1/2 of them are handmade by me!

  17. I hope to send out 40 Christmas cards this year. I also sell cards and last year I sold 100 cards.

  18. Christmas cards??? I send out 40 to 45 all handmade. Have not bought a cards in years. Family and friends look forward to stamped cards from me. I have started on them already and have a few made.

  19. I send out about 70 cards every Christmas, but haven’t ever made the time to make them myself. My goal is to make immediate family their cards by hand which would be about 15 handmade cards I have to make this year out of the 70 I will send. Too wordy…Sorry!

  20. I send out by mail and deliver to church, Last year was my first year to “hand” make them. I made 85!! Most all were different. This year, time is not as free, so I have been making 4 at a time that are the same. 50 are made now. Stopped to make treat bags for grandchildren-7- for Halloween. There done, so now back to cards.

  21. Thank you for offering some fun stuff! I’ve started mine and put the number at 38.

  22. Last year I sent out 75 Christmas crads.. wowza.. and I recieved about the same 🙂

  23. I mail about a dozen or so, then I hand deliver about another dozen.
    Cali sends good wishes to Stamper. From one JR to another!


  24. Last year we sent out about 60 of them. That doesn’t include the 25 or so I make for the people at work. We put out Christmas stockings and everyone puts little personalized cards in them. Roscoe says hi to his friend Stamper. Roscoe looks at his blog every day.

    Carey Rogers
    aka Roscoe’s mommy

  25. Well, usually I send out 15-20, and personally deliver 10-15. Thanks for offering the candy!!

  26. Christmas Cards–How many? Too many, I hope I get them done. Kiss the dog!!

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