So What’s the H For?

Howard H is for Happy Birthday!  Today's my 5th!  But it's more than that.  Now that I am a maturing pup, I guess I can tell you my real name.  It's Stamper H. Clemmer.  You can scroll down for today's card or you can read on.  🙂

Why the H?  Many wouldn't understand.  It stands for Howard – Ann's Dad's name.  He's been gone a long time, but when he was alive, he'd come here to Northern California to visit.  He was a fun, funny guy & everyone loved him – much like me. 

He used to tell my predecessor, a West Highland White Terrier named Johnny Walker, that when he died, he wanted to come back as Ann's dog.  I would think it's because Ann treats me pretty good & Howard thought that he'd get treated pretty good too.  Maybe that's why Cecil made Ann wait 5 years before replacing Johnny.

Ann thinks that my personality is a lot like her dad, Howard.  Even before Ann realized this, she named me Stamper Howard out of respect & admiration for her dad.  I have a pretty big rep to live up to even though there's one major difference between me & her dad.  I'm less humble.  Most Jack Russells don't even know what that means so that should tell you how smart I am.

Here's my birthday card from Lynda.  I really like her focal point, don't you?  I think she should sell cards just like this.  It would put Hallmark out of business!

Stamped by Lynda Hope you're on the newsletter list.  I'm really showing Ann's friends my best side this week.  You can sign up at the top left of this page.

I'm off to sing myself into nap time.  Go ahead & call me.  I can always sing myself to sleep again but I can't always talk to YOU!

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  1. I am glad you liked the card Stamper…but if we go into business you will have to share the spotlight with my BuddyDog.LOL He thinks he is pretty special too!! Hope your birthday was a celebration!!

  2. I so enjoy your little stamper dog.

  3. Happy Birthday Stamper! Have a wonderful day!

  4. That Lynda is pretty good isn’t she!? So cute! (BTW, she is my MIL….and I adore her to pieces!She is sooo thoughtful!)

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STAMPPER H! I hope you get lots of treats.


  6. Happy Birthday Stamper
    You are getting cuter with age

  7. Happy, Happy Birthday, Stamper H. What a lovely tribute Ann made to her dad in passing his name to her handsome pup. Lynda’s card IS awesome. I’d love to see a whole line of Stamperdog cards. They have much more personality and charm than most of what you find at the ‘big box’ stores!

  8. Barks to you Stamper. I love your Barkday Card today. It is just to cool.

    Happy Barkday to you,
    Happy Barkday to you,
    Happy Barkday dear Stamper,
    Happy Barkday to you!

    From your Doodles

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