Happy Mothers Day!

I’m such a nice dog.  I let Ann have the day off for Mothers Day because my human sister and her daughter are passing through.

Mothers Day

I’m Typing This Myself Today

dewiq aoweins dlaskwo dlakwoue ddlwqivn94jvm’.  slcienv;peoa,cmvnedkwoq.  ;awpvock asi w eovj qa;f4jg dldixosiweng .398qe[wp9ob asigjeiw, fw4eurpad;.


Mothers Day CardAnd here’s a link to over 20 Mothers Day card ideas if you need them for today.

;alvienvksl sao3or;wkmv liw3roj skdvj vcio  – as;woh OWOEIFUBBCISP.

I Think Ann Should Take Back Being the Typist

eiqwopav ske ddqiop a;sdociej.


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Send me a little bark today

What a great handmade card idea!

We read & appreciate your comments! They make great bedtime stories for Ann to read to me!


  1. Some dogs really know how to tell a good joke, Stamper! You GO!

  2. Stamper, you are a nice dog!! And quite hilarious, too! Please wish Ann a Happy Mother’s Day for me!

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