How the Going Global Stamp Set Fits in the Box

Have you ever taken some or all of the stamps out of a wood mount Stampin’ Up! stamp set only to find that it took you forever to get them back in the box?

I can tell you’re shaking your head right now – At least those of you who prefer traditional wood mounted stamps.

Well, this pup is coming to the rescue to all you wood lovers!

My plans are to make a gallery of them so that you can see how they fit.  Would that be helpful to you?  We won’t be concerned with EVERY stamp set – just the ones that make a tight fit – and there may be more than one way to do it!

You can make suggestions for ones that you’ve had a hard time with by making a comment below.  Let’s start with a set that is going to retire at the end of this month.

How the Going Global Stamp Set Fits in the Box

Going Global Stamp Set

It’s great for masculine cards!  Here’s a sample card we featured recently.

Masculine Valentine

Here are all the items on this card that will be gone by the end of this month.  Just click on a picture for more details or to rev up your shopping cart before they’re gone.

We’re hoping this is helpful for you.  I know that some of you scan the stamp set and some of you take pictures with your phones.  This is for those of you who just want to quickly find it somewhere.

And that place is here!

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What stamp set do you have a hard time fitting back in the box?

We read & appreciate your comments! They make great bedtime stories for Ann to read to me!


  1. I followed your Work of Art one, to the T and it will not fit in the box! 🙁

    • Try rotating the stamps. That was what I did. If you placed the rubber stamp facing a different direction from the grip sides it will not work. I followed this and it worked perfectly. So, bottom right world stamp should have indentations (grips) facing the left and right side of the case (not top and bottom). Next up along the right outside edge is the Compass Rose, the “grip” side should face the top and bottom of the case. Last on top is the constellation. This should have the grips also facing top and bottom of the case.

      to the left of the constellation is the “Love” banner image. The indentations (grips) should be facing the sides of the case (left and right). Underneath toward the center is the “you mean the world to me” image. This is placed vertically along the compass rose and the “grips” are facing the sides of the case. Next to is and closest to the left edge of the case is the Lucky Stars. This should have it’s grips facing left and right as well. Under these two comes the heart shaped image with it’s grips facing the sides of the case (left and right)and the bottom is up against the Globe image.

      On top of the heart is one of the long phrases. Grips are facing sides left and right. The last long phrase goes underneath the heart and butts up against the globe. It’s grips face the top and bottom of the case.

      That should do it. It’s tight but it definitely works.

  2. GREAT idea. i try to remember to package the blocks back in the way they arrived but occasionally i goof. the set ‘going global’ i managed to keep track of (i make a positional template for the stamp set that looks crowded when it arrives). and right how?? work of art has a small block taped to the top of the box !!!! so your offer of doing the ‘crowded’ sets is most welcome … i will be checking each one of mine as you post them!
    jo ann.

    • Yes! I remember being challenged by the Work of Art! (It’s a subversive plot, I fear!)

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