And the Winner Is….

I wish I could give the prize to all of you because by sending cards to your friends and family, you’re really showing them you care.  You’re improving someone’s day.

It was so great to have Ann read me all the entries.  There are so many of you who kindly bless others with your art.  BRAVO!

Here’s how we picked the winner:

  • We counted how many answered the question (24)
    (Comments that didn’t answer the question [even to say no} weren’t counted)
  • We went to and had them pick a random number (8)
  • So our winner is the 8th one to comment, Lora S. from Oregon!


And here’s how you can continue to bless yourself AND others.  Ask us a question about stamping.


Yes!  If you have something that’s been a challenge for you, just send us your question at [email protected] & we’ll get them answered for you!

Watch This Video Message!

See it on You Tube.

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Send me a little bark todayWinner, winner, chicken dinner!

We read & appreciate your comments! They make great bedtime stories for Ann to read to me!


  1. Happy Birthday, Stamper dog!!! Your birthday is one day after my hubby’s and a week before mine! Yeah for September birthdays!!! We have an 11 year old Australian Shepherd, named Annie! Love watching you!!

    • That’s good to hear, Char. September peeps are so special. And an early Happy Birthday to you as well.

  2. Love the video with Stamper! He’s adorable….

    • Why thank you, Connie. I’ve always known how handsome you think I am. XOXO

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