Can You Spot What’s Wrong?

Have you put a card or project all the way together only to discover at the end that it’s wrong?  Can you spot the error?

Abstract Musical Notes Card

And that’s not all we did!  We even shot a whole video as we were doing it wrong!

And there was no wine involved!

Just leave your comment below.  No peeking if you don’t know!  But even my favorite huMAN picked the correct card when we showed him the two side by side.

Are you looking for an out of the box reason to send a friend a card?  Here’s what’s coming up this week to celebrate with a card or call:

  • Monday is Lollipop Day
  • Thursday is Gorgeous Grandma Day & Hot Dog Day
  • Friday is Drive Thru Day  (Oh what fun to give your favorite cashier a card!
  • Friday is also Cousins Day
  • Next Sunday is Parents’ Day & Aunt & Uncle Day

I’ve already got some grrrreat ideas!  I think Thursday is my day too!  Because you all know what a hot dog I am!

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Send me a little bark todayHandmade cards are the best!  Even when they’re wrong!

We read & appreciate your comments! They make great bedtime stories for Ann to read to me!


  1. I read music but I thought it was paint spilling making a puddle. I looked and looked and thought that the thing wrong was the ink and cardstock were not the same shades (the greys). It looks good in my book!

  2. I thought they were fancy colored golf clubs. But I do love the card and the colors .

  3. Like this card even if there is a problem that only you know. I have two guesses. The chevron was supposed to be at the top. That means that you were trying for running paint into a puddle perhaps?? Thanks again for the fun list of days to send cards. Enjoy your week!

    • Actually, they’re supposed to be musical notes. But as long as someone can’t read music, it’s fine. They can be backwards!

  4. Really like this idea…. you’ve outdone yourself for sure…. Thanks for sharing

    • Thank you, Cookie, but turn the notes around the right way when YOU make it!

  5. It’s all about the notes, bout the notes, bout the notes…can’t sing it!

    • Bingo, Jan! They’re backwards! The notes are backwards! And Ann knew that before she started!

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