May Day Sneak Peek

There’s a lot going on in the Stampin’ Up! world.  This dog knows things and I’m ready to spill the ink.

My friend Leonie is at the Australian Stampin’ Up! convention and sent me this selfie.


Ann will have to travel to Hawaii to pick one up (or wait for the UPS man), but if you want one, we’ll be mailing them out to our current clients.  You’ll get yours free (along with an IN Color sample and some other things that shall remain nameless).  If you have a demonstrator, please get yours from them, but

Just click here to pay safely with PayPal.

And since I’m barking about new IN colors, here’s a little peek at some creative times ahead.  Just click on it for a closer sniff.


Don’t forget to get what you need from the retirement list that you can check out here.

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We love a Stampin’ Up! sneak peek!

We read & appreciate your comments! They make great bedtime stories for Ann to read to me!


  1. When I see those beautiful cards, I realized I did not get a card from you with my April purchase. Didn’t know if if was because of the gift cert.
    Thanks, keep those wonderful ideas coming. And OUCH Stamper, I hope your teeth quit hurting soon!!!

    • Those are just going out now, Lynne. But I don’t think we caught it because Ann paid for it. That meant that your name didn’t show up as the client when we ran the labels. Sorry.

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