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It’s All About Organization

Do you create better when you’re stamping in a clean area or a messy one?  Are you a neat-nic or a “let it fly” stamper?

Ann and I get our best ideas when we’re cleaning up the stamp room.  She’ll be giving me stamps to put away and will start getting ideas for our next project.  So, while it is usually the last thing that some people do, it’s usually the first thing that Ann & I do – start straightening up.

WARNING!  All pictures were taken when the house was asleep – no time for vacuuming before the pictures.

Everyone has a different way of organizing and as a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, we like to keep the seasonal catalog supplies nearby.  This is how we kept them because we don’t want to keep them with the regular catalog product.  We don’t know if they’re coming back so they’re in a temporary spot nearby so we can easily use them.


Yeah.  That wasn’t working.   The shelf was too low and the box was from the Holiday Seasonal Catalog that had nowhere to go.

Then there was yesterday’s little trip to IKEA and everything changed.  Ann had picked out the RASKOG Cart and transformed our little mess.

Not only did she get all the stamps in there on this side, but her trimmer and lots of other stuff are on the other side.


It comes in Beige and Dark Gray, but you have to go to the store for the Turquoise one – and that’s the one we thought would brighten up the room a bit.

It’s really sturdy and moves around easily – even with all those stamps in there.  And we were able to get some things off the stamp table and put them in the top with the accessories from the Occasions Seasonal Catalog.


And now we have a blank spot on the stamp table – just where a blank spot should be!

It’s enough to make me bark out loud!

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Organized is better!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE that! The color alone might have been worth the trip ;D

    To have all that so handy to pull up next to the work area would be great. Now…who could I get to drive the 90 minutes to Ikea for me? That is the hard part

    Enjoy it!

    • Well, you can always pay $75 on Amazon for the turquoise, but Ann said it was much more fun to take my favorite huMAN down there & prove they could be out of there in 30 minutes.

  2. How much was the rolling cart (if you remember)? It looks really sturdy.

    • It was $29.95 at the store. It’s over double that on Amazon. We live an hour from the store & it was $10 to have it delivered. That’s cheaper than driving so we just waited until we could make a day of it. I think it was in aisle 19 (or 16) in Bin #7. It’s VERY sturdy.

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