Get Punched on Fat Tuesday

We’ve got FIVE things I need to bark about today, so I’ll be brief on each one.

1. Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday is the day before Mardi Gras starts.  there are tons of parades in New Orleans and all over Louisiana and parts of the South.  But TODAY, there are lots of punches in our Weekly Stampin’ Up! Sale. 

If you don’t have them, stock up on them now while you can save.

2. Weekly Deal

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3. Ann’s Birthday

I’ve been holding this card back because it knocked our socks off when we opened the envelope.  It’s from my gal pal, Doodles, and her human mom, Kay.  Don’t you think this would make a good Mother’s Day card design too?

Handmade Birthday Card

4. Do You Stamp Your Envelopes?

Well, I think that this shows that you should.  I’m thinking we should be lining them as well.

Handmade Birthday Card

5. Creativity Transformation

And lastly – this is the last day you can qualify to attend our Wednesday evening Creativity Transformation.  We’re gathering together online to stretch & exercise our creativity muscle.

We’ve never done anything like it before, but it sure was unique & fun!

And it’s as convenient as reading this blog!  You don’t even have to get dressed.  But you DO have to qualify and register.

If you’re a Master Stamper or Stampin’ Pup Club member or have shopped with us so far during February, you should’ve already received your invitation.  If you haven’t shopped yet, shop now because today is the last day you can qualify.

I’m off to peel a grape for Ann.

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  1. Ann, This is a beautiful card that kay made. It would make a great M<other's day card. I love it . it is so lovely. I have a question for you both. What flower is the small flower and what did you use for the small leaves on the card. Thank You so very much, Ellen Hinds

    • Stamper just goes to show that all great minds bark alike.BOL! I was planning on having my Mom make one for her Mother in Rose Red. Please bark to Ellen thanks for liking our card and that we used the Stippled Blossoms for the flowers and the leaves on the card. barks doodles

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