Flip Santa

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like those weird looking Santas in the Visions of Santa stamp set and the Santa & Co. Designer Series Paper.

There!  I barked it!  And now you know!  There is RARELY anything that Stampin’ Up! does that I don’t like, but these Santas freak me out!  So much so that I nibbled Ann’s hand to stop her from using it.

What do YOU think?

Luckily, there’s a flip side to the Santa & Co. DSP.  Yes, the REST of the Designer Series Paper is fabulous!  I mean, look at this card we did!


It sure doesn’t look like those funky skinny Santas, now does it?  And the flip side of this DSP is AWESOME!

(My opinion in no way is meant to annoy or offend anyone who likes those skinny Santas.)

Here’s what we used to make the stately Christmas Card.  (Quite the opposite of what we think of the skinny Santas.)

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  1. I agee! I saw them and thought what we’re they thinking! Love the card, and the flip side!

    • Thank you, Connie! What WERE they thinking?

  2. I like that side of the DSP much better too. Love the embossing on the side also.

  3. I SO agree about those weird Santas.

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