Do You Like the Change?

When Ann and I moved my blog here over a year ago, we had lots of designing and tweaking to do.  We LOVED some things, but one thing we weren’t sure about was that you wouldn’t be able to read more than one post on a page.

We got used to it after a while, but it’s still been lingering in the back of my doggy brain.

It’s been 14 months, so this inquiring dog wants to know – do you prefer it this way?  Or the way it was where you see a highlight of each post?  Just leave a comment below and I’ll report back to Ann.

You can see the difference here, but I can’t show you what it USED to look like.

What I CAN show you is what Ann’s been working on this past week!



And yes!  She put my name on the back!  Or at least, with a .com after it.

She’ll be getting lots of swaps back so we’re doing a special Stamp & Share online event next week and YOU could get invited!  This is normally just for Master Stampers , but this time we’re inviting our Pup Club Members and those of you shopping with us this week!  Be sure to include the code 6F2647Z7 to insure your invitation.  (All orders $150+ should NOT use the code.)

Yessiree, dog!  Just shop here and you’ll get an invitation to this exclusive event too!  You can take advantage of the Weekly Deal, the Clearance Rack Blitz and some of the new Polymer Stamps (all featured on our Specials Page).

And you’ll be earning Stampin’ Bucks too!  That’s code for FREE STAMPS!  (Print your form and learn about Stampin’ Bucks here.)

So get your Wish List out and join the fun!  We’ll have THREE times to pick from next week!

We’d love to “see” you on the webinar!  Use the code 6F2647Z7 when you shop here & we’ll include a small gift with your thank you card.

Buy Stampin' Up! here



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We read & appreciate your comments! They make great bedtime stories for Ann to read to me!


  1. I agree with Lisa S. I will admit that when you had to open the “teaser post” I skipped the blog more often than not.

  2. I much prefer it when you can read all the posts on one page as opposed to the “teaser” where you have to click on each one separately. When you made the change to the “newer format” a year or so ago, it made it much LESS convenient to read, and I stopped visiting on a regular basis. I like it back to the way it was. I’m much more likely to read the posts again. 🙂 Hi to Stamper!

  3. I prefer the old method. Photo of card smaller here and article takes up only 1/3 of screen. That’s a waste! Things just don’t seem as important this way.

  4. Liked the old way much better.

  5. The current platform doesn’t do your photos justice. I liked the old setup better, and our posts opened in the message. Now I have to open a new window. Not good.

  6. I prefer seeing just the highlights. The dates are easy to see and it’s quick scrolling through the list of highlights to find a specific one.

  7. I would love to see a date on the posts. This would make it easier to know where to start when searching for something I had seen earlier.

  8. I like seeing highlights of past posts….sometimes I don’t get to check in everyday.

  9. I love it this way! So much easier to catch up on days that I miss reading your posts.

  10. I prefer this one as it’s easier to get to the current article. I just delete the other one…..

  11. I liked the old way better. Thanks.

    • Me too!

  12. For my browser, your “old” style was much better. I tend to delete your posts now because it’s too much of a hassle to get to them…

    • Lyn: Please email [email protected] so that we can understand what you’re saying. The way we posted them today IS the old way and just started today.

    • I do the same. I just don’t like the new setup.

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