Thank You for Saving Me!

You may have heard that I took a little solo stroll on Valentine's Day.  It wouldn't have been so bad, but we live a block from a 2 lane road that has a 40 mph speed limit.  We don't know who opened the backyard gate, but it is now locked so they won't do it again. 

We have at least 3 Jack Russell Terriers in our neighborhood.  Luckily one of their owners on the next block recognized me and called my vet who's heart I wear on my neck.  She walked me home and I can't tell you how happy Ann was to see me!

She bought this gift card right away, but I did catch a shot of it before it got given away.  We just love those custom personality gift cards from Target. I now our UPS guy liked his at Christmas.  Just click on the picture to see it pumped up to a decent size.  Getting an unexpected handmade card is so much better than just the expected.

This is a great use for those value priced Stampin' Up! Notecards and Envelopes.  Perfect for a little something to know that you appreciate them.  Just like we appreciate you!

Here's some of what we used – while there's only 12 days left to get that cool little thank you and matching punch.


Order online & get your own reusable handmade thank you card from us. 

– by phone – 530-674-5090

– -  by fax – 530-751-7680

– – – by email or even in person!

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We read & appreciate your comments! They make great bedtime stories for Ann to read to me!

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  1. Stamper! Did you remember to have Ann and your favorite huMAN to set their clocks forward? I almost forgot. Just a reminder. My, Ann is so thoughtful to make such a cute card for your rescuer. You are a lucky dog!

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