Video: How to Make a Cloud Template

Everyone was loving that card yesterday.  It’s not my normal style, but those clouds so impressive yesterday that I had to include them in the video on how to make a cloud template for your cards and scrapbook pages.  Can you see the face in the clouds?  We didn’t see it until after the picture was taken.

Stampin’ Up! used to sell a cloud template years ago before I was a twinkle in my dad’s eye.  Ann missed it so she eventually made one of her own….and then one after that…and one after that.  Just in case you didn’t know how to make one, we made one yesterday for her 14th Anniversary with Stampin’ Up!.  Who knew that 14 years ago when she could’ve find a local demonstrator and the internet was young, that she’d find me and realize how fabulous I am?!?

So you keep asking us how to do things and we’ll keep sharing what we know.  All I require is a special treat now and then and for Ann to realize that she is here for my service.  My gal pal Doodles and I agree on that one whole heartedly.

You can get the Decorative Label Punch here if you like that organizational idea for your stamp room.  We’ll have more fun with this card soon.


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  1. I can’t wait to try this – thanks so much for sharing and showing!

  2. Now that was easy! Great looking too! This is one I’ll have to try. Wouldn’t have thought to do this-thanks for sharing the idea.

  3. quick class and wonderful idea… thx for sharing

  4. That is one smart dog. What a great idea to suggest Ann show us how to make a cloud template. So easy & it works so well.


  5. Love it! Thanks!


  6. Hi Ann,
    Love the video. Have been using the scallop punch to make them and they always seem so equal. This method makes it look like real clouds.

  7. What a wonderful way to make clouds. I can see it working for sunsets too. Love all of yo ur ideas!

  8. Thanks for the idea on how to create clouds.

  9. What a great idea! Your clouds look so real – I will have to give this a try. Stamper, I vote for you every day. Hope you win.

  10. SIMPLY AMAZING!! Thank you!!!

  11. What a neat idea for making clouds!!! I have the cloud EF, but I think your idea is much better!!

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