A Taste of a Handmade Card

Stamp Club got off to a grrrreat start last night.  Everyone was ready to have a good time.  Ann had 3 cards planned and this one was the last one.  Here are the supplies they started off with:


Ann did a version of this card a while ago, but last night they were going to update it and make it with the Wonderfall Stamp Set (Wood-#128084 Clear-#128087) and the Autumn Accents Bigz Die #127812.

They stamped, they laughed, and then something went a little differently than planned.  My dear friend Donna left her purse on the ground.  I could have sworn that she told me to check her card out and make sure that it was up to snuff.  I'm SURE she did, but when I took it out to ponder it closely, all hockey sticks were out!

I did give it back with some suggestions.  Do you like my version of it?


Now if she didn't like my suggestions, I don't know why she put her purse on the floor for me to pull the card out AGAIN.  I think that's when I found another spot for the leaf she used as a focal point.

Ann's got a plan for me to write a letter to Donna later this afternoon on Facebook.  If you don't LIKE me yet, you should LIKE me now by clicking here.  This dog could use a few extra friends right now.

That reminds me that this Perfectly Penned set is available by Single Stamps now!  For a limited time, Stampin' UP! is offering 3 stamp sets single style.  If there are any of these sets where you only like a stamp or too, just visit our online store and you can buy just the ones you need.  

  • Word Play
  • Perfectly Penned
  • Seasonal Sayings (Holiday Mini)

They only come in clear mount.  Just be aware that it's always more cost effective to buy the set unless there's only a couple stamps that you like from the set.  Find out more here

For those of you who want to make a dozen Christmas cards with me this weekend, just be sure to register here – and keep your purse off the ground!  (You can make an extra one of each for a total of 16 if you bring me a new friend.  I'll be sure to have Ann put their purse up.)

That is, unless you want me to offer some of my sage rubber stamping advice on YOUR cards too!

Order online & get your own reusable handmade thank you card from us.  

– by phone – 530-674-5090

– -  by fax – 530-751-7680

– – – by email or even in person!

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  1. I LOVE your new version of the card Stamper! The chewed edges give it that little extra that it needs !

  2. I’m your new friend stamper! Hugs

  3. Well, Stamper, I would say anything on the floor becomes fair game for checking out by you. My beloved kitty cat used to claim that anything on the crafting table was fair game too — and she helped “pierce” cardstock corners; “pierce” or “distress” ribbon; decide only 2 buttons were needed instead of 3 unless I wanted to go furniture moving to find that third one; and sometimes a different choice of adhesive because she would hide the one on the table. (I miss my special fur-baby.)

  4. Lets all give Stamper a “10” for creativity so he doesn’t feel so bad!

  5. Stamper, your torn edges are so much better than mine. Maybe I should try using my teeth?

  6. Stampers version definetly has that ‘grunge’ look which is very popular with some stampers!! LOVE IT!

  7. OMGosh! I forgot that Stamper is writing this blog and I couldn’t figure out what was going on with that card. Then it hit me. LOL I am cracking up. Gotta love him! Love Stamper’s suggestions for the card. Wish I were there. 🙂

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