It’s OK to say “Merry Christmas” Here!

We don't have a reader board in front of Ann's church, but Ann sure does like to check them out!

Hope you have all your stuff done and  – even if you don't, take a few minutes to chuckle at this one.  (The Google maps one is one of my favorites.)


And yes, it's okay to say Merry Christmas here!  Don't be afraid to call or email us if you get stuck with anything today or tomorrow.  We'll help where we can.

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OR – by phone – 530-674-5090, by fax – 530-751-7680, by email or even in person!

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It gRRRRROCKS when you join our team!

It's a grrrrreat time to be the blog dog of a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator 


We read & appreciate your comments! They make great bedtime stories for Ann to read to me!


  1. that is the best card of all thank you Ann

  2. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Stamper Dog & Ann.

    Enjoy your blog everyday!!


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