Christmas Tag, You’re It!

Human, oh human!  It's a big day around here!  We're going to do TWO live stampin' events from our stamp room with stampers all over the world!  I am so jazzed that I don't know if I can keep quiet through the whole thing!  I hope that the weather holds so that I can distract myself outside in the sun.

Now that I have you here, I need your honest opinion.  Which Christmas tag do you like better?  The one on the left with the tree on the side or the one on the right without?  You can click on either picture to get a closer look.  I just can't decide!









Honestly?  They're the same tag!  Ann just kind of erased the tree out.  It's not perfect, but enough to hgive you an idea.

Just leave your comment below & let us know which one you like best!

She did get a chance to chat with a few of you yesterday.  She gave me a big hug on your behalf just so I would know how highly you think of me.  I just don't get how one of you thought that ANN wrote this thing.  Human, what are you thinking?  She's smart, but she's not THAT smart!  (Don't tell her I said that.)

It's not too late to get your favorite friend a gift certificate from Ann.  She'll even make a card for you if you'd like.  That is, if I can get her off the ceiling.  She's excited about our two stampin' appointments with the Master Stampers that she can hardly stand it.  I hope she got some sleep last night!

They're stamping at 9:45a & 6:45p PAWCIFIC time.  There's still time to get in for today's events.  Just join the Master Stamper here.  They'll be doing it again on Saturday morning as well.

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  2. I like the one with the tree, but I’d like to see the tree go a little higher so it doesn’t block the message as much.

  3. Both are great but if I have to pick…..Right

  4. I like the one on the left side, the Christmas tree is light enough in color that it is a nice addition. The card on the right looks kind of bare.

  5. Both are pretty, but I think I prefer the simplicity of the one on the right.


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