Happy Day After Your Birthday!

First – have you LIKED me on Facebook yet?  I'm featuring an article on Halloween Safety for Your Furry Friends on my Facebook page this afternoon (Pacific Time).  Some of the tips are things you want to do BEFORE Halloween so gather your furry friends check it out so you can all have a safe & happy celebration.


Today's card isn't for everyone.  It's the one you'll send your Grandma to remind her of days gone by.  Way back  when Lady Libery was a girl (she turned 125 yesterday), they used to do scrapbook pages on black paper.  Ann has a scrapbook that's between 60 to 75 years old & THAT'S what inspired this.

This card is REAL vintage.  It's fashioned like the old postcards & the old scrapbooks made with black paper.  Ann got a new stamp set call Plant Hope.  We paired this with the new Hand-Penned Holidays from the Stampin' Up! Holiday mini.  We dusted off the Distressing Essentials Kit to make it look older. 

We would've loved to put a ribbon on it, but Ann's old scrapbook is pretty plain – at least on the inside.  It really features the pictures.

Vintage Postcard
So what's YOUR old time-y project?  Do you have something that will make Grandma remember when bread was a quarter?

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  1. Oh, heck, I remember when bread was a quarter. And gas was twenty-nine cents a gallon and they’d clean your windshield and check your oil while the gas pumped, AND they gave you these cool green stamps that you licked and stuck in a book and then redeemed for cool household stuff. I surely do remember those days and my oldest is only 9, so it’ll be a couple years–I hope–before I’m a grandma.

    I love the card. My dad has one of those scrapbooks mounted on black pages, too. This could easily be from a page in his book.

  2. I love today’s card! Great job, Stamper! I have an old scrapbook made with black paper. My mother used photos that my father had taken when he was stationed in Korea. The photos are attached with photo corners, so you can take them out. The backs have my father’s hand writing on them, and the scrapbook, has my mother’s hand writing. It is something I truly cherish!

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