BAM Video for Big Shot Owners

As you may already know, Ann melted my Big Shot.  That means that we now have an extra platform to try something that we've always wanted to try!  My stampin' bud & canine enthusiast, Karen Johnson, took the Tab 2 off her Big Shot platform because it's always in the way.  (She's also on our team of demonstrators.)


Anyway, now you can watch Ann as she gives you tips how to make this alteration for YOUR Big Shot!  If you're thinking about getting a Big Shot, this is the best time of year to get one.  Find out more here AND how you can get free shipping on your dies when you buy it from us!

If you are reading this in a reader, just click here to see the video.  Otherwise, click the viewing frame below.


It's a great time to be the blog dog of a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.

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  1. Any of those would work. I don’t think that Ann would screw them into the holes left on the platform, but maybe the holes left on the removed Tab 2.

    Don’t want them to fall out!

    And keeping them with your dies is a grrrrr8 idea!

  2. Thanks for sharing this tip, Ann and Stamper Dog. Could you screw the screws back into the tab (something I’ve observed my husband doing when he removes screws from something – as far as keeping track of the screws goes)? Or tape them to the removed Tab 2? I plan on doing one of these options and storing the removed Tab 2 with my dies, etc.

  3. Hi Ann, what a great idea! It does get in the way and is really annoying. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Hi Stamper!

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