Gnomeo Knock-off

Since it's the day after the Oscars, I had to throw in a little knock-off of my friend, Jackie's punch art.  We changed it up a little, but it gives us fond memories of Ann's mom who used to make little ceramic Gnomeo's when she was alive.

I didn't know Ann's mom, but since my personality is a lot like Ann's dad, I'm sure she would've liked me – or at least I would've made her smile. 

We made these last month at our stamp club nights in Yuba City & Sacramento.  You should join them in March!  Just give Ann a call at 530-674-5090.  Or perhaps you'd like to join our online club.  (find more about that here)


So – what did YOU think about the Oscars?  Some of those dresses were pretty amazing!  How about those little gold dusted chocolate Oscar's Wolfgang Puck made for the Governer's Ball?  With the price of gold these days, I should be sifting out the restrooms!  OOPS!  I mean sniffing.  NAH.  Humans don't get that either.

It's a great time to be the blog dog of a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.

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  1. Stamper, my boy, I totally ‘got’ that one. When I was a teen I had a dog that had a penchant for eating dollar bills. She wouldn’t touch the ones, but you put a fiver or a tener out and she’d devour it if she could get to it. Once I babysat for a whole night and earned a twenty. Left it on my dresser. Of course my Tessa found it and ate it. I followed her everywhere she went for the next 12 hours and had to do some sifting of my own. Hey, 20 bucks was a lot of money in those days! And since it was intact upon exit, it was worth the “skeeve” to get my hard-earned moola back!

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