How NOT to Burn Your Big Shot

We'll return tomorrow with some great Stampin' Up! cards, but this safety tip was just too good to pass up!  Can't watch videos online?  See the written version with pictures here.


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  1. thank you for a reminder, I sometimes try to multi task and have made costly mistakes. You have a great sense of humor and addressed this situation very well! Love your videos!

  2. oh my…..that is too bad about your big shot. this sounds like something I would do. 🙁

  3. Awesome, that would be something I’d do…accidentally of course

  4. OMG Ann that just sucks!!!. I just left my gas stove on the other day, but luckily my Bigshot wasn’t anywhere near it.

  5. Sooo Sorry about your Big Shot, but I have to say I was Cracking up over that video!!! LOL Thanks for that! Too Funny and sad hehe

  6. Ouch!

  7. Oh my what a terrible thing to happen. I am glad you gave that tip, because I work on my kitchen counter with my Big Shot. I will definitely not be sitting it over on the stove! So sorry for the loss of an expensive item. Thanks for sharing!

  8. OMGosh Ann…TOO FUNNY! I am so sorry about your Big Shot!Thanks for the tip!

  9. so sorry your big shot…

  10. Thanks for the giggle! Not about the Big Shot but the video was a treat!

  11. Ahh I feel terrible for you -you at least realized we really can’t sweat the small stuff huh? Just a good sense of humor!

  12. ‘You are a silly goose’
    Jan B

  13. Oh Ann, you are too funny. You have a way to always add humor to every situation. Such a great trait to have. 🙂

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