Do You Think I’ll Look Good in These?

Someone really special handed these to Ann when she was in Nashville.  I’m SURE she must’ve wanted to send them home to me, but Ann won’t give them up!  In fact, she’s thinking about making a version of them for today’s Stamp Fest (only using a Big Shot box).


At press time, I don’t have the box here, but I must say that Ann thought it was one of the nicest swaps that she got.

I’m off to prepare for my fans who are coming to class today.  More later as the saga continues.

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  1. Wow! I wasn’t going to get any of these, but now I think I will because I have the earring backs.
    Love them! TFS

  2. Earrings?? When did U get your ears pierced?? Holding out on me? Lovely anyway, and want a surprise!!

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