How’s Your Hoarder Disorder?

We're working a lot with scraps on the table right now.  The big buttons are looking pretty good in their little canning jars we got from the big store.  The only thing on this card that had to be brought out was the Deck the Halls (#121002) & Candy Cane (#121718) Big Designer Buttons, the Not Quite Navy border & the hemp. 


So don't wait to use all that cool stuff!  Ann was asking me if we were holding those buttons for Christmas!  That's way too late!  Use them now!  You can always buy more here.

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  1. Actually, She won’t even show me right now. She was sworn to secrecy. I may be able to pry it out of her later.

  2. Stamper, please ask Ann to share her trick for the reflection, thank you! Brenda

  3. comment avez-vous fait l’ombre??? une petite française qui se met a faire des cartes . je vous suis depuis 6 mois. bonne fournée. marie-thérèse

  4. Very clever trick with the reflection of the skaters!

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