How Fun is THIS?

Every time Ann goes to the Stampin’ Up! Convention, she sends me to the Doggy Spa.  I love it there, but at least this time, she brought home a video of all the fun they had.  I think I’m going to insist that I go next time – and hope I don’t get stepped on!

You’d have to look REALLY close to see Ann standing at the top right of the screen when they’re doing the Electric Slide before General Session starts.  She may not have made the cut, but she did get a front row seat every day!  And lots of her friends got close ups!  And we LOVE the song!  Hope you do too!

Be looking for that pretty big stone building.  It’s the main office & distribution center where they ship your stamps out from.

If you would like to join our team of demonstrators & get in on the fun while you’re making some cash, why not talk to Ann or me today?  Just call me at 530-674-5090.  I can have Ann translate.

Who knows!?!  You may be in the next Stampin’ Up! Video!  But at the very least, you’d get a Garden Gala tote ($39.95 value) AND an exclusive stamp set called Eat Chocolate that’s not going to be available to the public until next year!  But only if you act now!

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  1. You have a great site! Love the dog. My Jack Russell, Bubba went to doggie Heaven two years ago. He looked like this dog. I have his daughter, Angel. She is white and black. I just ordered from my sister. I think I can learn a lot from you. I hope to see and hear your dog. My Angel loves to hear other dogs on my iPad. 😉

    • I do my best not to bark when the microphone’s on, but I just can’t hold myself back from letting out a quick one sometimes during Ann’s webinars.

  2. Thanks

  3. Thank you for you allowing me to join your group

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