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It's good to see Ann back at the stamp table.  She's getting better at carrying out my suggestions with each card.

We butted heads yesterday on these two cards made with the Stampin' Up! French Foliage stamp set (Wood-#120845 Clear #121166).  We're trying to decide which one we like best without pacing off for a duel.  They're going out to two demonstrators on our team & we'd like your input.  You can click on either picture to get a better look  because the small pictures are a bit deceiving.

On the left has Concord Crush Ribbon.  The leaves are Riding Hood Red, Poppy Parade & Crumb Cake.  Both cards have an Early Espresso postmark & Concord Crush cursive writing, but the greeting matches the main ribbon.

Vote for Concord Crush!

 Vote for Espresso! 



 The one on the right has Early Espresso ribbon & that cool Victoria Crochet Trim #118481.  It has Riding Hood Red, Peach Parfait & Crumb Cake.  We couldn't find the Cajun Craze pad, so Peach Parfait was suggested by our Stampin' Up! Color Coach #121620.

So – which is it?  Wine or coffee?  Concord Crush or Early Espresso?  Take a moment & comment.  Just don't say both because we KNOW we like them both!  We'll have a drawing this weekend & mail the winner a roll of that Early Espresso 1/8" Taffeta ribbon just for taking the time to vote.

Want to add to your stampin' stash?  You can find it all here.

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We read & appreciate your comments! They make great bedtime stories for Ann to read to me!


  1. I definately like the one on the right better. I guess thats the Espresso one. Beautiful card. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I like the Concord Crush better as purple is my favorite color and on this card it just says WOW!

  3. I have to go with the wine! Although, I Stamper Dog has the best taste in colors, so whichever one he chooses, I choose!!

  4. Roscoe and I agree it is the Early Espresso one. He just likes both cards because they are his favorite snack– cardstock!!

    Carey Rogers
    aka Roscoe’s mommy

  5. I love the wine!!!

  6. I like the color combination of the espresso better but am not a fan of the lace trim at all so I would have to say the concord crush.

  7. Mom and I like the Espresso one. Love, your friend, Ralphie

  8. Choose the wine every time. That Concord Crush is beautiful.

  9. Although I do like coffee, this time I’ll have wine! Both are great though.

  10. I feel the need for caffeine so coffee (i.e. Early Espresso) it is…both are lovely.

  11. I love them both, but the espresso one really stands out. 🙂

  12. I like the Espresso the best. Mary K.

  13. Woof woof Stamper, I am going for the wine, did you have a glass of wine and a cup of Espresso whilst you were making each card lol
    Chew Rene from OZ xo

  14. Espresso! The concord crush is a bit too bold/distracting on this particular card for my taste.

  15. Expresso!

  16. My vote is for the one using Concord Crush. It has a little more “pop” to it. Love the layout of the card . Thanks for your tutorials. They are very helpful. I can’t wait for some Christmas inspired card ideas.

  17. I like Early Espresso!

  18. Goldie and I like the Early Espresso, the lace behind it makes it so beautiful.

  19. Early Espresso!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that colour!!!!

  20. Wine – gives it a little punch!

  21. Stamper,
    My favorite color is purple, so I like the ‘wine’ best. It matches my collar. It’s Mom’s (Jan B) faveorite too! Kiss Ann for me.


  22. The Gang (eight rescue dogs) and I like both of them. If I had to pick one it would be the one with Early Espresso. However I like the style of the ribbon on the Concord Crush card better and wish that ribbon, in Early Espresso, had been used on the other card. Both cards are beautiful.

  23. I like the Early Espresso one best – but they are both gorgeous!

  24. Early espresso is my choice

  25. Pearl and I like the one on the right better.

  26. I like the one on the right with the Early Espresso ribbon and the Victoria crochet trim.

  27. Early Espresso! The Concord ribbon draws you to the ribbon and not the beauty of the card.

  28. Although I don’t drink it…definitely the coffee one gets my vote!

  29. I love the Early Espresso!!!

  30. Concord Crush is my favorite!

  31. Wine…has a more powerful punch!

  32. I like the concord crush (wine)…but Coffee is beautiful too!

  33. I like the Concord Crush better.

  34. Mom & I like the Espresso card. I must have her order some of that lace for my next project.

    Barks from your Doodles

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