You think you're busy?  We are too & we love it!

But you can't hire good help like you used to be able to.

We'll be back later today or tomorrow for some really cool art to share with you.

Just as soon as we get this one cleaned up. 

Thanks for understanding!  If you really can't wait, try the Make a Card Today program!

Send me a little bark today

We read & appreciate your comments! They make great bedtime stories for Ann to read to me!


  1. This is a ONE dog show here.

  2. Did you get a new puppy?

  3. what a sweet sweet baby but I’m so glad I don’t have to clean him…. Thx for sharing the sweet picture…..

  4. OMG! After I got done laughing, I started feeling sorry for the cleanup crew. White carpet also. But it is cute!

  5. I know I wouldn’t be laughing if this was at my house, but I just can’t help it! So cute!

  6. Oooooooo, what did you get into??! Somebody’s mommy isn’t going to be happy…..

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