Elements of Style with Smooch Spray Blessings

It's a full moon tonight so I'm allowed to spill the secrets.  Ann made this card with her Hope Point Stampers (formerly Yuba City Nazarene) on April 15th.  She used the Elements of Style stamp set (Wood-#119910 or Clear-#120105) that is available to you stampers on May 1st from the Stampin' Up! Summer Mini Catalog.

If you don't have one, just ask us

Click 4 Close Up 

Click 4 a REALLY Close Look! If you look closely, it's been blessed with Smooch Spritz which is coming out in these 4 colors!  You can look really close by clicking on this teeny picture.

  1. Gold Glow #118770
  2. Silver Foil #118771
  3. Vanilla Shimmer #118772
  4. Log Cabin #119921

She even has a Color Catcher #121093 to catch all the extra spritz's when she comes to YOUR house for a workshop!  Why not talk to Ann about a date?  I'd LOVE to get her out of the house & out of my hair!

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  1. What an absolutely beautiful card! This is the nicest one that I have seen posted using this gorgeous set. I can’t wait until May 1st to order it!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  2. Stamper, Ann did such an excellent job on the card, it is beautiful! I love the smooch spray, it gives such a gorgeous shimmer to the card! I hope to see more examples of this product!!!

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