Buttons 2 Dye 4 Video

Dye Your Cordurory Buttons You've been patiently waiting while I put the finishing touches on this one for you.  Thank you to my buddy New Hampshire Barbara & my girlfriend Doodles for making sure that we did this one.  You know how Ann is wanting to keep her hands fairly clean.  (not totally, but decent)

Let me know if you enjoy it.  Guess it's time to stock up on those Kraft Corduroy Buttons #114340 before they rename them Crumb Cake!  (Those of you receiving blog updates by email need to click here to come to the blog to view it.

You can see more technique videos in my Video Gallery.

Psst!  You can shop here so you can get all the supplies for this card before they go away the end of this month.  There's no guarantee that they're coming back into the Big Catalog in July.  Speaking of the Big Catalog.  I'd subscribe to Ann's newsletter to see how YOU can get one FREE!

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  1. It will depend on how wet you make the button in the first place. You could pat it with a towel before you start coloring.

    Definitely the first thing you want to start on the card.

  2. What a GREAT idea Stamper Dog has–Sasha from Inkonmypaws really likes it. Thanks SO much for sharing–any idea how long it takes to dry?

  3. BOTH of these are great ideas. Thanks!

  4. I think this is awesome. Thank you, and enjoy your vacation..

  5. I do too – normally. That dog was barking at me to “get ‘er done” so I just spaced. Guess I wasn’t thinking about it like I would a normal watercolor project.

  6. What a great idea, I love it!!
    I have to share though – anytime I use my reinkers for a technique like this I squeeze the drops onto the inside of the lid of the matching ink pad & use that for my palette. That way any of the ink that’s left over will end up in the ink pad! I know, I’m a cheapskate, but I just hate throwing anything away! lol

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