To Sponge or Not to Sponge

Our last video, Baux Braided Ribbon,  shown in this post set off a few questions from some of you!  You noticed that there are actually two cards that were featured.  

So now, I'd like to know which you like better!  Sponged (like the Regal Rose card) or or clean (like the Old Olive card).

Click 4 Close Up  Click 4 Close Up

So let us know what you think!  Leave a comment!

It helps us plan future projects.

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We read & appreciate your comments! They make great bedtime stories for Ann to read to me!


  1. Hard decision. I love to sponge and like the depth it gives the card. So I’ll have to say I like the sponged one better (although the “clean” one is super, too!).

  2. I think it depends on how you like your chocolate. The sponged card gives the bunny a less crisp look, as if he’s melting. The non-sponged card leaves bunny looking solid and ready to have his ears nibbled off. So how do I like MY chocolate? Filled with caramel! (and far away from my dog!) 🙂

  3. I like the sponged one…I think it gives the card even more texture…

  4. While I LOVE sponging, I think I like the way embossing gives a hint of texture. When it is sponged, it seems more in your face. It is nice too, but I do wish that chocolate bunny was in my face though!!

  5. Roscoe (the swap eating dog) says he prefers the one that isn’t sponged. I have to agree with him. I love my CS clean. So does he so that when he munches on those tasty bits of CS he doesn’t get as much ink on his face and tongue.

    Carey Rogers
    aka Roscoe’s mommy

  6. I’m partial to sponging and the combination of Pink and Brown…I mean Regal Rose and Close to Cocoa…or is it Chocolate Chip…I vote sponged.

  7. I like the sponged card better!

  8. Sponged! Great accent with the pink!

  9. Not sponged, especially with the braid…

  10. The one not sponged!!

  11. Although I like them both I think the sponged one is better.

  12. I like the clean old olive one – but I like the more dramatic sponging on the bunny (not the embossing) on the regal rose.

  13. I prefer the sponged. But the other was is nice and clean too!

  14. The one that is not sponged.

  15. To sponge or not to sponge…I like them both, but I am always sponging things so I would probably sponge…so I guess I prefer the sponged one.

  16. I like the one that is not sponged. My husband on the other hand likes the sponged one! Go figure. LOL
    Love your blog.

  17. well Stamper Dog I prefer the sponged version although they are both nice. And btw my Jack russell Shadow says Hi Stamper Dog. He loves being with me in my stamping studio too. Thanks for sharing your lovely work.

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