Top Note Gift Card Video

While people are out shopping & others are buying gifts, we're doing stamp room construction.  You're going to LOVE the new art that's going to come out of Ann's stamp studio.  At least that's what she keeps telling me.  I don't know how one piece of furniture & playing musical tables has to do with being crafty, but if she says it's so, it's so.

Here's the gift card video I promised.  Hope you like it.

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We read & appreciate your comments! They make great bedtime stories for Ann to read to me!


  1. I just got the top note die a couple of weeks ago and have use it many time since. This gift card is just want I need to! Need one for my dad, THANKS!!

  2. Wow! Thanks for the great idea an tips. I love visiting your web page its so helpful and entertaining.

  3. Thank you I love all your videos! Keep up the great ideas. I can’t wait to get started on each new one.

  4. Love the video, wish I could move that fast.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  5. So many great tips in this video. Thanks for posting and all you do to help us stampers.

  6. Love the video, I think I need to play now!

    Merry Christmas!

  7. I love this card and I really love the videos. They sure do help starters like me understand how do make the cards you come up with. Thank you & Merry Christmas!

    p.s. your the cutest.

  8. Great idea for a card holder think I will try that for my grandchildren’s movie passes. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  9. I have always loved the top note die – and I love what you have done with it in this project. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Very neat idea, Stamper dog and pal! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Hi ANN and STAMPER,

  12. Hi Ann,
    Love this card idea. Its pretty and functional!Thanks for sharing your awesome PAWSOME talent with me and everyone else. I too am an avid DOG LOVER!

  13. I always love giftcard holder card ideas and I am particularly taken with the top notz die…What a great combination and nice job on the fancy cut where the giftcard gets inserted; Great attention to detail.

  14. I love that Top Note Die, just when you think you’ve done all you can with it, here comes Stamper Dog with another great idea! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Christmas!

  15. Oh what a great idea. I am working on wrapping gift cards right now. I have a bunch left to do. This video is wonderful and I can’t wait till the next one. Roscoe says hi Stamper, hope you get everything you woof for from Santa.

    Carey Rogers
    aka Roscoe’s mommy

  16. What a fabulous idea! I love it! I have some gift cards I need to wrap for Christmas, too. 😉

    Scratches to you, Stamper, and hugs to Ann!

  17. love the topnote gift card holder design. using the curly label punch instead of using the word window is a great idea and fits in with the topnote shape. your videos are great! keep them coming.

    barks & scritches

  18. What a cute idea!!! I don’t have the Big shot, (I know, I asked Santa 😉 ). But was wondering what other punches I could use to make the slit for the gift card. Thanks for the great tip!!!

    Happy Holidays, and many many treats and goodies for Stamper!!!

    Lisa Sturgill
    [email protected]

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