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New Pup on the Planet


Human, oh human!  What’s a dog to do?  Ann’s at the Stampin’ Up! convention as my Pup Reporter and NOW she tells me that she’s bringing home someone new to love.  WAIT A MINUTE!  I’m top dog around here!  This other thing might be cute & cuddly, but so am I!

Perhaps you can inspire me to learn to like it!  I think that the creature works in construction and has something to do with some exciting things that you’ll be seeing in the new Stampin’ Up! holiday mini catalog in a few weeks.

I do know that’s a Rich Razzleberry Polka Dot Bow in its hair & the stamp in its hand is correct – “Life Without Stamps  –  Unbearable”.

Ann’s got adoption papers and everything, but the name is blank.  What do you think we should call her?  Just drop a comment below & let’s name this creature.  I just know that I’m sleeping with one eye open when it gets here….even though it is kinda cute.  (Don’t tell my girlfriend Doodles I said that)

Chow Baby!


We read & appreciate your comments! They make great bedtime stories for Ann to read to me!


  1. I vote for Inky Rubberta Razzlebear….she is too cute for just ONE name-she has to have a full name. Then you can call her either Inky or Rubberta for short-I think Razzlebear is definitely a last name. I know because I used to work for Build-a-Bear!

  2. I agree her name should be Razzlebear! It’s cute and catchy!

  3. I think Stampina Uppa is a nice name!

  4. Stamper I think you have a tie between Razzlebear and Rubberta. I kind of lean toward Rubberta myself!!!!!

  5. I am in agreement with Leslie, I think Razzlebear would be perfect!

  6. i have to agree with you stamper–she is cute. not jack russell cute–but cute for a bear. i think we should call her razzlebear.

  7. I think a cute name would be Rubberta (Roberta). It’s better than my other idea anyway, which was Bearverly. Hope you have a great time!

  8. I think the bear should be called Stamperetta. After all, she will be Stamper’s new sister! Hope you are having a great time at convention!

  9. The perfect name for that cute, cuddly bear should be Makena!

    Hope you had a good time at convention. Sure looks like fun.

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